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Pearl City Property Management

We can Help Manage Your Pearl City rental property

Pearl City Property Management

Whether it's a condo unit you have recently purchased or a house your family has treasured for generations, your rental property is one of your most valuable investments.

Our goal at Marie Hansen Properties is to maximize the return on your investment and to grant you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your property is in capable hands.

What we do as your Pearl City Property Manager

  • Competitive rental market analysis
  • Creative advertising and marketing of property
  • Thorough tenant screening and verification of credit and employment
  • Property showings to prospective tenants
  • Detailed check-in inspections
  • Negotiating and executing lease terms
  • Collection of deposits and monthly rents
  • Payments of bills, mortgages, property taxes etc.
  • Easy to read online statements
  • Provide and supervise maintenance and repairs
  • Enforcement of lease terms and condominium rules
  • Negotiating lease terms for renewals & lease renewal inspections
  • Direct deposits
  • Cell phone for after hours emergencies: (808) 391-1663

Our strategy for optimizing the value of your property has five major components:

1. Clear Communication+

Clear and honest communication among owners, tenants, and managers can avoid many of the hassles involved in renting property, including litigation. From our first meeting, we aim to develop an ongoing dialogue with you about your goals, expectations, and concerns in regard to your property. We also let you know what we expect from you in terms of the upkeep of your property and the terms of our Rental Management Agreement.

We make sure that your tenant understands your wishes, and we strive to negotiate lease agreements that are in the best interest of both parties. Our commitment to openness throughout the rental process has paid off: in over 25 years of doing business, we have experienced an unusually small number of disputes in comparison to other property management companies.

Once your property is rented, our online Owners Portal gives you access to monthly statements detailing your account activity. Should a problem arise with your property or your tenant, we will inform you immediately and communicate with you about the appropriate action.

Inquire About Our Services: (808) 591-1110

2. Competitive Rents+

With Marie Hansen Properties, you can be sure that the rent for your property is at fair market value. We examine the rental markets on a daily basis and set rents at the most competitive rates as units become available. Top business publications such as Forbes have recognized Marie Hansen Properties' expertise in market analysis and seek our commentary on the exciting - and volatile - Hawaii housing market.

3. Strategic Marketing+

In addition to advertising your rental property on the Marie Hansen Properties and Pearl City Board of Realtors Web sites, our integrated online marketing platform lists your unit on all the popular real estate sites and mobile apps, featuring detailed descriptions and photos. Our ads are optimized for search engines—anyone searching for available rentals in Pearl City is certain to find our listings.

We also post vacancy notices on housing boards on the Department of Defense Web site, and, as appropriate, we advertise on communication boards in condo buildings and with the Hawaii Humane Society. We also network with other real estate professionals and relocation services.

In combination with this multifaceted marketing strategy, our thorough yet efficient processes for tenant selection and inspection allow us to keep your property occupied and in good condition. With an average vacancy rate of less than 3%, our properties provide their owners with a steady stream of rental income.

4. Careful Tenant Selection+

Excellent properties deserve excellent tenants. Marie Hansen Properties screens local and national rental and credit histories of all prospective tenants, and we verify employment history and income. We follow up references with past and present landlords to confirm a history of timely rent payments and proper maintenance of the property. Our on-the-spot screening system expedites this process, allowing us to confirm quickly and accurately that a tenant is right for your property. We would rather see a property sit vacant a little longer than take the risk of accepting an unqualified tenant. No leases are signed until we are satisfied that the tenant is right for your property.

You will receive copies of all leases, addenda, our move-in inspection report, and all other documents pertaining to your property.

Our application process complies with all local, state, and federal regulations governing rental agreements as well as with the current best practices of the property management profession. We strictly abide by the Landlord Tenant Code and follow all Fair Housing (HUD) Guidelines.

5. Thorough Inspections and Timely Reporting+

We always conduct thoroughly documented move-in and move-out inspections to stay on top of the condition of your property and to make sure that vacating renters assume responsibility for any damage or undue wear and tear.

Your Owners Portal gives you online access to timely and accurate monthly reports on the activities of your account.

Should repairs or renovations prove necessary, we will inform you immediately. With your authorization, we will proceed with the work in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Inquire About Our Services

(808) 591-1110

Pearl City Area Information

Pearl City Property Managers

Pearl City lines up the coasts of Oahu island, and is situated on four ahupua'a, or traditional Hawaiian land divisions. These divisions are: Waiawa, which means "from the towering mountains to the brilliant sea;" Manana, which literally means "bitter water;" Waimano, meaning "an area where lava flows meet;" and Waiau, which means "swirling beautiful waters."

In ancient times, the chieftains and the rest of the community enjoyed the bountiful shellfish and marine life that decorated the fish pens on the magnificent shores of then Puuloa. But shortly after Western travelers set foot on the magnificent shores of Oahu island, the Pearl River proved to be a very inviting area. Oysters, which bore pearls, were found to be bountiful in the depths of the river's flowing waters, and eventually grabbed the attention of the great King Kamehameha I. This made the great king ask Francisco de Paul Marin to take hold of his lucrative pearl trade in the tropical island of Hawaii. This happened in 1815, which was a time when this great king was seeking to unite the Hawaiian islands into a single community under his rule.

But in the mid-1800s, cattle raising was practiced in the mountain lands of now Pearl City. This caused severe forest and mountain denudation, which then made the booming oyster population of Pearl River rapidly wane.

In the late 1800s, Benjamin F. Dillingham then made plans of converting the western fertile portions of Oahu, the now Pearl City included, into crop-producing lands. This was the start of the headlining success of Hawaii's sugar production industry in the early 1900s. But when the Second World War broke the silence of Hawaii's continuously booming sugar industry, the sugar plantations and refineries on the lands of Oahu closed down. This made Pearl City residents look for alternative sources of sustenance, and found that the tourism and trade industries of this place can be improved.

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