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How can I set up an account with Marie Hansen Properties?

Get in touch with us at (808) 591-1110 or e-mail Cheryl Kunimoto at to set up an appointment to discuss your property management needs.

Before we enter into an agreement with an owner, Marie Hansen Properties agents will visit the property, make an assessment, estimate the appropriate rent, and present you with an action plan for the management of the unit. Following this initial review process, we will draw up a Rental Management Agreement that outlines the terms of our service.

What are the charges for your management services?
  • For long-term rentals, our base fee is 10% of the gross rent per month or a $150 minimum fee. We charge an additional 10% of one full month's gross rent for renting units to new tenants.
  • Late fees are distributed 50% to the owner, 50% to Marie Hansen Properties.
  • Optional payments such as mortgage payments, maintenance fees, yard service, etc. are included in the base fee of 10%. General Excise Taxes and filings are $25.00 (three times a year).

What is the Owners Portal?

Your Owners Portal gives you immediate online access to current information about the property under our management. Easy-to-read monthly statements let you track income and expenses, and the portal also provides you with all relevant end-of-year tax documents associated with your account. Visit the Owners Portal Overview to learn how to use your Owners Portal.

How do I find out how my property is doing?

Our monthly reports keep you informed of all activities on your account. We inform you immediately of any important developments with your property such as lease-termination notices, new leases, and maintenance needs.

How do you choose contractors?

Marie Hansen Properties maintains excellent relationships with high-quality contractors and other local service providers. We can find the best professionals for the job while controlling costs.

How long will it take to rent my property?

Depending on the market conditions, most properties rent within 7 to 21 days. 

If a property takes longer to rent, we generally find that either 1) the rent is higher than the average asking price for comparable properties or 2) the rent is not reasonable in light of the condition of the property.

How much security deposit can you collect from the tenant?

According to Hawaii Law, we can only require a security deposit equal to the amount of one month’s rent. We cannot collect cleaning deposits. We can collect additional pet deposit if pets are allowed.

Can you charge a pet deposit?

If your property allows pets, Marie Hansen Properties collects 25% of one month’s rent in addition to the security deposit from renters with pets. We cannot collect additional cleaning deposits.

If my property needs repairs or other work, will you arrange for the work?

For minor structural repairs, routine maintenance, and heavy cleaning, we will arrange for the work and negotiate a fair price for you with a reputable service provider. For renovations and structural changes we will charge a contracting fee at a pre-agreed rate.

What are General Excise Taxes?

The State of Hawaii views your property as a business and therefore charges sales taxes of 4.7% on the gross rental income.

What happens if the tenant does not pay the rent?

All rents are due on the first of the month. if the rent is not paid by the 2nd, we mail a five-day demand letter. If after five business days the tenant fails to pay, we start legal proceedings. We will always notify owners before we take any legal action.

What happens if there's a problem with my property?

We respond promptly and thoroughly to all trouble calls from our properties. For after-hour emergencies tenants may reach a property manager through the emergency cell phone number: (808) 391-1663.

Your assigned property manager will inform you of all significant problems and all actions we have taken on behalf of your property.

What happens if there's a problem with my tenant?

We rarely experience serious problems with tenants. Unlike many management companies, Marie Hansen Properties spends almost no time in litigation. Our clear communication, our care in selecting tenants, and the clarity of our lease agreements minimize the chances of misunderstandings, disagreements, and inappropriate treatment of your property.

In the event that we do encounter a problem with a tenant, we will try to work out a solution. If we must evict at tenant, we will notify you immediately.

What kind of insurance will I need?

We require owners to maintain Owners Landlords and Tenants Liability insurance with a minimum coverage of limit of $500,000 as well as fire and extended coverage insurance on the unit naming Marie Hansen Properties as additional insured. We cannot manage a property without the required coverage.

When will I receive my rental proceeds?

The AppFolio system directly deposits your rental proceeds to your bank account by the 16th of each month. If you prefer, we can also mail checks to you for a $5.00 special handling fee.

Why shouldn't I just manage the property myself?

If you live on Oahu, you might imagine that you can save money by managing your property yourself. Our years of experience have shown us that owner management is ultimately neither cost-effective nor the best way to maintain the quality of the property.

When owners deal directly with tenants, their emotional involvement can lead to unwise business decisions. If tenants are late with payments, owners may not charge late fees, which often leads to reoccurring late payments. Owners find it difficult to raise rents to market values, which leads to a loss of rental income. Without the middle person—the professional property manager—frustration and disputes can develop and quickly escalate. If the owners are not adhering to the Rules and Regulations of the Landlord Tenant Code, these disputes may lead to more serious legal entanglements. 

The time and effort required to rent your property, check tenant background, conduct inspections, perform maintenance, and respond to tenants' problems can add up to enormous frustrations. Necessary upkeep can go by the wayside and small issues with your property can grow to huge and very costly problems.

Owner management can also entail a range of legal risks. Regulations governing rental units and leases are constantly changing. As dedicated property management professionals, all of us at Marie Hansen Properties keep pace with these changes, and we make sure that all rental agreements comply with the law.

You seek professional assistance with your health, your legal matters, and your financial planning. Why shouldn't you hire a professional to take care of another important and complex dimension of your life—your rental property?

What kinds of properties do you manage?

Marie Hansen Properties specializes in residential properties ranging in areas from Hawaii Kai to Kapolei and the Windward side Kailua and Kaneohe. Each agent handles a specific area. This focus allows us to concentrate our energy and experience on providing the best possible service to our property owners and their residential tenants. We manage a wide variety of properties from moderately priced apartments and condominiums to luxury oceanfront homes.

We are as scrupulous in selecting the properties we manage as are we are in selecting tenants. We do not accept properties that are in disrepair or that pose any safety hazard. Before we enter into a Rental Management Agreement, we will meet with you to view your property, conduct a pre-marketing inspection, and discuss your specific needs, wishes, and goals.

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